ORACLE University

Overview : You will benefit from Oracle University certification programs - whether you want to take your career further or improve your company's bottom line. That's because certification recognises expertise with Oracle's programs. Employers around the world know that it's a smart move to hire certified candidates. Certification can be an employee's ticket to better career opportunities. Once you have completed a MOS exam why not move onto Expert level status and then to Master. General Information : Exams are conducted with "live" Exam Test Engines, this provides Employers with an accurate view of employee's skills across the organisation. Certification Exams provides candidates with the means to enhance their skills, prove their expertise, improve their professional performance and advance their careers. Exams are available on a daily basis at all our centers. Please contact the Academy for availability and scheduling. Prerequisites : Each Orace Course may or may not have Course a pre-requisite which is recommended to be met before the present course is undertaken.